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A search query is a phrase that is entered by the user into the search engine window, after which the search is performed for documents that contain the phrase specified by the user.

Types of search queries

Search queries can be classified according to various criteria, among which the following can be distinguished.

By the type of input data. The most typical data type for search engines is text. However, there are systems that are able to use multimedia data to search, in particular, images. By frequency. The frequency determines how many users drive this query into the search bar every month.

By frequency, high-, medium- and low-frequency search queries are distinguished. This breakdown is quite conditional and strongly depends on the popularity of the topic.

By competitiveness. Competitiveness, as a rule, has a direct correlation with frequency and determines how many sites are already being promoted for a given request. Similar to the previous classification, there are high-, medium- and low-competitive search queries.

By the target component. According to this classification, there are two main types of requests: transactional and informational. The first presuppose the possibility of performing any action on the site ("buy a cell phone", "download Photoshop"), and the second - exclusively presenting the user with the information he is interested in ("what is lytdybr", "how to fix the faucet").

By geo-dependency. Geo-dependency determines whether, when processing a request, it is required to give preference to sites that provide information relevant to the user's location region. As a rule, transactional requests are geo–dependent, and information requests are geo-independent.

By the presence of brand words. According to this criterion, branded and non-branded requests are distinguished. The difference is that the former contain the name of a specific company or brand, and the latter do not contain such words (cf: "buy a Motorola phone" and "buy a phone").

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