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The module is designed for an authorized user to access a specific page on the site. 

Is usually used for the "Dealers" section.

Authorization is only available for registered users. In order for the user to become such, he needs to register through a special form. Registration Form fields: "Login", "Password", "Repeat password", "Email", "Full name", "Address", "Organization", "Contact phone", "Contact phone 2". The fields "Login", "Password", "Repeat password", "Email", "Full name", "Contact phone" are required.

Registration of users in the system is possible in two ways:

1. the user independently performs actions for his registration in the system;
2. the site administrator manually introduces and activates a new user.

Upon self-registration of the user, a letter arrives to his e-mail stating that his account will be activated after verification by the administrator. In the second case, the administrator can add the user himself in the administrative part of the site.

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Book a discount

Use the calculator and book a discount on your project. After submitting the form, our manager will contact you to apply the discount. The discount will be valid for three days, starting from the date of booking.

The discount amount changes every week and depends on the production load.
The discount applies only to the development of a new website.