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In his personal section, the buyer keeps track of all his orders and fully manages his internal account. 

In his office, the client changes his personal information and subscription to the store's news. To access the personal section, it is enough to log in on the website of the online store. 

What can your client do in his section:

- log in with a name password to access the personal section;
- use a single product authorization system; 
- track changes in order statuses in your personal section;
- see order payment status: Yes\No; for example, for a dealer, goods can be shipped before payment is received;
- receive email messages about changes in the payment status and order statuses;
cancel the order; 
- repeat the order; in this case, all the order items are added to the cart and the buyer/ dealer can repeat a typical order in a few steps or change a previously made order;
- search for orders in the personal section by code, date range, status, payment, delivery and other attributes;
- change profiles for delivery; 
- change the profile and personal data of the user/dealer to work with the store: full name, email, login name and password, personal data and other information;
- manage the user's internal account where his money is stored. The buyer can top up the account and spend money as needed to purchase electronic content: music, ringtones for mobile phones, articles, hosting fees, etc. expenses. Full or partial payment of the order from the internal account is possible. 

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Book a discount

Use the calculator and book a discount on your project. After submitting the form, our manager will contact you to apply the discount. The discount will be valid for three days, starting from the date of booking.

The discount amount changes every week and depends on the production load.
The discount applies only to the development of a new website.