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It is used only if there is a "Catalog" module. Allows the user to place catalog items in the cart (invoice) and place an order.

Next to the product in the list there is a button "Put in the basket" (the text of the button may be different), when clicked, one unit of the product is added to the basket. To put another unit, the button is pressed again or the quantity changes when placing an order. If the ordered goods are available, the "Shopping Cart" information block appears on the site pages.

The information block "Basket" may contain the following data:

1. The total number of products in the basket (number).

2. Order amount.

The information block "Shopping cart" contains the button "Go to the cart" or "Checkout", when clicked, the cart contents page opens.

The cart contents page includes a list of products, the "Quantity" field, the "Delete" button next to each product, the price, the cost taking into account the quantity. The "Recalculate" button and the total cost of the ordered goods are located separately.

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Book a discount

Use the calculator and book a discount on your project. After submitting the form, our manager will contact you to apply the discount. The discount will be valid for three days, starting from the date of booking.

The discount amount changes every week and depends on the production load.
The discount applies only to the development of a new website.