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Customer: DPD in Belarus is one of the largest providers of express cargo delivery not only on the territory of Belarus, but also in the CIS countries, as well as outside the EAEU.

Project objective: Develop a corporate website based on the company's brandbook.

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The target audience of the site

The target audience of the DPD website in Belarus is individuals and legal entities, customers of cargo transportation services in Belarus, CIS countries and the EAEU.

The main menu of the site was divided into 7 items:

  1. Services and tariffs. The user receives information on a specific service in 2 clicks. He can look at the prices and compare the services according to the criteria in order to choose the best option.
  2. Background information. General information on transportation, application forms and contracts have been collected.
  3. Online services. The user through his personal account can calculate the cost of delivery, place an order, receive information on the location of his shipment, receive statistics on his orders.
  4. For clients. The stages of cargo dispatch are displayed, as well as the nuances of paperwork.
  5. About DPD. Presentation section about the company with contact information.
  6. to individuals. Information on services, documents and ordering for individuals.
  7. Postmasters. Information for post office users: general rules for using post offices, addresses of post offices, identification procedure, etc.

Website design

The color scheme and visual solutions on the website are developed according to the company's brandbook. 

Visual elements of the brandbook.

Screenshot 2020-12-07 at 10.34.15.png

Visual elements on the site.


Home page

Frequently visited sections of the site, as well as information on services, were placed in blocks:

  • Solutions for online stores;
  • International delivery outside the EAEU;
  • News;
  • Delivery in Belarus;
  • Delivery to the EAEU countries;
  • Cost calculator;
  • Documents for the client;

Points of acceptance and delivery of parcels.

From the header of the main page, the user can quickly log into his personal account by filling out a form with a login and password.

Communication with the customer

During the development of the site, communication with the customer took place only by e-mail without meetings and calls. The project was developed in a month.


The DPD website in Belarus provides information about the company's services and tariffs. Designed for customers of cargo transportation services. The site is designed according to the company's brandbook. The sections and the main menu were structured in such a way that users could find information in 2-3 clicks.

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