About a project

Client: ALMI is a major retail player in the market of network FMCG retail of the Republic of Belarus. ALMI's retail network includes 35 retail facilities. ALMI stores are located in all regions of Belarus. The range of products includes 30,000 items.

The goal of the project: To create a convenient tool for making online purchases.

The site is developed and operates on the 1C-Bitrix24 system.


ERP - system
ERP - system
Internet acquiring
Internet acquiring
Bonus system
Bonus system
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Target audience of the delivery service

  1. ALMI's regular customers who have experience ordering goods online from competitors;
  2. Potential buyers who have experience ordering goods online from competitors.

For each group of the target audience, the ALMI delivery service solves certain tasks.

Regular customers Potential buyers
 Making a purchase Attracting attention
An increase in the average receipt of this buyer online compared to offline Making a purchase;
 Increased loyalty Retention
Formation of the desire to recommend an online store Formation of loyalty 
  Increase in the average check
  Formation of the desire to recommend an online store
The ALMI online store operates on the 1C-Bitrix24 system, where tools are configured for making purchases, keeping users on the site, increasing the average check, forming loyalty and processing orders. The site is constantly developing due to feedback from customers.

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