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Customer: Gazprom Transgaz Belarus is a unique network of natural gas filling stations in the Republic of Belarus.  More than 30 years in the market of gas engine fuels. Today, the company is represented by a network of 14 modular filling stations, 27 automotive gas filling compressor stations, and also has its own service infrastructure.

Goal: To create a website with simple navigation in a corporate style.

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Remembering Gazprom's slogan "Dreams come true" and inspired by the corporate style of the company, our team began developing a website.   

So that's how it was.4 steps to the dream.

Step 1. Concept

On the one hand, I wanted to make a beautiful, fresh and interesting website that would correspond to the direction of the company's activities, emphasize the environmental friendliness and safety of natural gas. On the other hand, the site should reflect the reliability of such a product, inspire trust and understanding. 

Step 2. Design

Corporate style has become a key feature of the site. The smoothness of the lines, the combination of sky-blue and sea turquoise colors and juicy images — all this is inspired by the idea of nature. It can be said that the love of nature has given the uniqueness that distinguishes this company from the rest. We managed to fit the website design not only into the corporate idea, but to give it its own separate life. 


This element, invisible at first glance, but cardinally distinguishing the site from the rest, was most loved by our team. It would seem that there is such a thing, but it was this wave that gave the whole concept a certain completeness and conciseness.   

Forest and forest all around  

The main page of the website greets visitors with a green landscape and a branded car of Gazprom Transgaz Belarus. The harmony of nature and a methane-powered car is the element that conveys the idea of environmental friendliness and safety of the company's products. 

Group 228.png


There was no immediate doubt in this regard. Obviously, it should be as simple and easy to read as possible. Visitors should feel comfortable, perception should not require additional efforts.  

Step 3. Unformat

Several unique modules have been developed specifically for this project.  

1. Interactive map

Shows the location of all gas stations and their opening hours.  

image 92.png

2. Calculator

Calculates the difference in fuel consumption: gasoline and methane, as well as the payback of a methane car.

image 93.png

3. Fuel prices

The Fuel Price module is constantly displayed at the bottom of the main page. The price of methane is constantly shown, but when you hover the mouse over the "Compare prices" button, the module shows prices for other fuels. Prices are generated independently from a third-party resource.

Step 4. Informativeness

You will not be satisfied with beauty alone, the site needs interesting useful content. Therefore, the site contains photo and video archives.Photos and videos are not added by albums, but are immediately sorted by year. Other information can be found in the sections "Services", "Useful information", "History", "It's interesting", etc.;

The result 

The site turned out not only beautiful, but also understandable, informative and convenient. The goal has been achieved — the environmental friendliness, efficiency and safety of natural gas, as well as the reliability and manufacturability of the company is reflected in every block, every element and every letter of the site.

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