Feedback from our customers

Gazprom Transgaz Belarus expresses its gratitude to "ArtisMedia"  for the work done on the processing of the thematic advertising and information site

The company coped with the task, worked quickly, creatively treated non-standard solutions.

We wish success to your company and inform you of our readiness for further cooperation in technical and informational support of the site.

Deputy General Director of Gazprom Transgaz Belarus
Annyuk Dmitry Mikhailovich

The Main Directorate of the Belteleradiocompany's Internet Broadcasting thanks you personally and the specialists of "ArtisMedia" for the high quality of the services provided to finalize the site .

Thanks to the competence, prompt resolution of issues arising in the course of work, responsibility and goodwill of Alexander Dakuko and other specialists, cooperation with "ArtisMedia" was pleasant, fruitful and effective. 

We wish "ArtisMedia" prosperity and further retention of leadership positions.

National State Television and Radio Company of the Republic of Belarus
Chief Director S.A. Schennikova

We express our gratitude to the "ArtisMedia" team for the high-quality and timely execution of work on the development of the official website of the Minsk Metro at a high professional level. On the positive side, we note the courtesy of the company's employees, prompt feedback and the convenience of testing the finished product.

Chief Engineer of the Minsk Metro
I.V. Shestakov

CHUP "Zapadkhimtorg" expresses its gratitude to "ArtisMedia" for the work done on the development and support of the online store "Island of Purity". The company copes with the tasks set, responds promptly to requests, and delivers work on the tasks set in a timely manner.

Head of e-commerce Department of CHUP "Zapadkhimtorg"
M.V. Sushchenok

The management of "Minskkhlebprom" expresses gratitude to the staff of the "Artismedia studio" who took part in the creation of our website

Your team of specialists always responds quickly, clearly, competently to our requests. The site was created on the 1C Bitrix Standard platform, this platform was preferred, because the company is implementing 1C Enterprise 8. The site is conveniently administered and edited, and subtasks for integration with the automated control system are also implemented.

The website made by the "Artismedia studio" fully meets the requirements of the enterprise, is convenient from the point of view of administration, is completed in a short time and works reliably. 

Deputy General Director for Commercial Issues of the "Minskkhlebprom" Joint-Stock Company
D.M. Kravchuk

The Belarusian Red Cross Society (BRCS) confirms that the company  "ArtisMedia" provided services for the development of the subdomain website in the period from December 2018 to May 2019 . BRCS expresses gratitude for the professionalism in the development of the site, as well as the attentive attitude to the comments of the customer, which were received during the execution of the order.

First Deputy Secretary General of the Belarusian Red Cross Society
I.I. Lemeshevskaya

The administration of the Great Stone Industrial Park thanks the staff of "ArtisMedia" for the quality work done to create an online resource . The efficiency and responsibility of the specialists and developers of "ArtisMedia" ensured that the task assigned to them was completed on time.

Head of the Great Stone Administration
A.G. Yaroshenko

We note the timeliness and quality of the work performed, the integrity and professionalism of the specialists of "ArtisMedia" for the modernization of the computing and network infrastructure of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus in terms of the creation and implementation of the Corporate Portal of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus based on the Bitrix 24 software product

Deputy Minister of Economy

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus expresses its gratitude to "ArtisMedia" for the high-quality fulfillment of contractual obligations related to the provision of services for updating the website of the international technical assistance project "Removing barriers to the development of Wind Energy in the Republic of Belarus"

Deputy Minister of Nature
A.N. Korbut

The exhibition unitary enterprise "Belinterexpo" expresses its gratitude to "ArtisMedia" for the development of the website

Thanks to the professionalism and well-coordinated work of the "ArtisMedia" team, we got exactly the result we expected. Thoughtful navigation, modern design — every detail is implemented at a high level, all possible nuances and limitations of our activities are taken into account.

Special thanks to the head of the technical department Alexander Dakuko for attention and efficiency in solving all issues.

We wish the ArtisMedia team professional victories and success!

Exhibition Unitary Enterprise "Belinterexpo"
Director Vvedensky E.S.

The development of our previous site was handled by the company "Artismedia", so when developing our new site, we turned to a trusted company. An interesting design of the company's website also played a big role.

Cooperation with "Artismedia" was remembered by the polite and attentive team of the company, with whom I had to communicate. The design of our new website came out great. The employees of the "Artismedia" company responded to our requests almost always quickly. But still, sometimes the response delay reached up to 2 weeks.

The professional level of the company's employees is quite high, but there are still small comments (for example, refusal to address some comments on the site, exaggeration of the complexity of some issues). We will advise the company "Artismedia" to our partners and acquaintances, and perhaps we will turn to their services again. Thank you so much for your help!

Director of UP "Expoforum"
A.A. Starikov

The website developer "ArtisMedia" (Minsk) was selected by our company based on the results of the competition among other Belarusian developers. The choice in favor of ArtisMedia is due to the following factors: a long period of work in the field of website development; cooperation with well-known organizations; an interview was conducted with potential developers of the new factory site of OJSC Mogilevliftmash, according to the results of which, ArtisMedia employees left the best impression; an acceptable price.

Cooperation with the "ArtisMedia" team was facilitated by the fact that they quickly understood the specifics of the company's work and all our wishes were fulfilled quickly and efficiently. Work with "ArtisMedia" employees continues even after the site is put into operation: solutions are provided for all emerging issues in a fairly short time.

If you decide to get your own website for an adequate price, then "ArtisMedia" may be a suitable option for you. 

Deputy General Director for Commercial Affairs of OJSC Mogilevliftmash
S.V. Chertkov

The Main Directorate of the Belteleradiocompany's Internet Broadcasting thanks you personally and the specialists of "ArtisMedia" for the high quality of the services provided to finalize the site .

Thanks to the competence, prompt resolution of issues arising in the course of work, responsibility and goodwill of Alexander Dakuko and other specialists, cooperation with "ArtisMedia" was pleasant, fruitful and effective. 

We wish "ArtisMedia" prosperity and further retention of leadership positions.

Deputy Chief Director of the Main Directorate of the Belarus 24 TV channel
E.V. Baranov

We are very pleased with the cooperation with "ArtisMedia". When deciding with whom to sign a contract to create a website (, the choice fell on your company because of the honesty and openness of employees. They responded quickly to all requests and performed all the work efficiently.

Alexandra Dakuko, head of the technical department, competently conducted communication and promptly solved all issues, we give such employees only 10 points out of 10!

We have no recommendations for changes or improvements, though only to move the whole office closer to us! We recommend the ArtisMedia company to our partners and acquaintances. We will rate all cooperation work 9 out of 10!

Director of the State of Emergency "Stroy Media Systems"
Rusin Alexey Dmitrievich

Our company got acquainted with "ArtisMedia" and its director Konstantin Kurilo in 2004, when it became necessary to develop the company's website. "ArtisMedia" performed the work on the creation of our company's website in the shortest possible time and very efficiently. In the future, we have repeatedly applied for making current changes on our site. 

Recently, due to the change in the company's activities and the need to transfer the site to the Bitrix platform, it became necessary to make drastic changes to the content of our site. These works were also successfully carried out by the employees of "ArtisMedia". We were satisfied with the quality of the work. 

Thank you for your high professional level and attention to our problems. In particular,   Dacuko Alexandru is the content manager of "ArtisMedia".

Director of ODO "Agropromimpex"
Leshkevich M.A.

A promising developing company. Advanced customer service technologies. Interesting and beautiful designed websites. Our company is happy to work with "ArtisMedia". We hope to accelerate work with clients and new projects.

From communication with the director and a specialist in contextual advertising, only positive feedback.

Most of all, I remember face-to-face communication with Sergey Lobanov.

System administrator of JSC "Baranovichi Bus Park"
Victor Kruglik

To develop the website, our company turned to "ArtisMedia" after a small analysis of the market for these services. Reasonable prices, good attitude to the client helped to finally decide on the choice. The company's employees responded to emerging issues in a timely manner, provided professional advice.

We are ready to recommend the services of the company "ArtisMedia" for the development of websites to our partners and acquaintances.

Director of ODO "Energoprivod"
Kostyukevich V.K.

We have been looking for a very long time for a company with which we could start cooperation on the development of our website SMI.BY We chose "ArtisMedia" for many reasons, the main of which were: professionalism and an individual approach to our project, which initially looked like a pencil drawing on sheets of paper.

I would like to note the convenience of communication in the project feed, timely answers to questions, the development of non-standard functionality specifically for our company and the high-quality work of the programmer.

We give you 9 points for all the work. Thank you for the quality and professionalism.

Deputy Director for Subscription and Delivery of "Vladimir Grevtsov Agency"
Svirido E.A.

Ordered contextual advertising services. The advertisement worked, and our sales increased significantly during the placement period. We worked with the manager Gleb, the work was prompt and professional. Special thanks to him for this! 

What to change, improve? I would like you to be more customer-oriented, be more interested in the results of the campaign, and analyze the data of the advertising campaign. We are satisfied with the work, and we give you a score of 9 points. We hope to continue our further cooperation.

Marketer of the company "White Terem"
M.V. Zaboeva

We have been cooperating with "ArtisMedia" since 2010 on the recommendation of Superloto. "ArtisMedia" is one of the few companies that has proven itself positively in terms of obligations on the timing and quality of work. The staff of "ArtisMedia" is highly qualified, polite and courteous. Throughout the entire cycle of ongoing work — from design to testing — various solutions to problems are offered. 

High-quality design and programming corresponds to a reasonable price. We are ready to recommend the services of the company "ArtisMedia" for the development of websites to our partners and acquaintances

Director of LLC "Biotime"
V.V. Galenchik

The "Topshouse" company is engaged in the production of garden and country buildings made of profiled timber in Moscow. We started cooperation with "ArtisMedia studio" on the recommendation of colleagues already having a sad experience of communicating with another Internet company.

We must pay tribute to the employees of "ArtisMedia", despite the fact that the construction of country houses, baths, gazebos, especially in Moscow, is a very specific and highly competitive topic, the company's specialists understood it perfectly and competently responded to all incoming requests. 

In October 2014, a contract was signed for the production of a corporate website, within two weeks, the primary technical specification was formed, the cost, terms of work and basic conditions of technical support were determined. In March 2015, the bulk of the work was completed and the site started working in the first days of May. 

The management of the Topshouse company expresses its gratitude to all the developers of the and is ready to recommend "ArtisMedia" as excellent performers of tasks of any complexity and high level.

At the moment, we continue to cooperate in the promotion and technical support of the project, minor overlaps that arise in the course of work are easily leveled by the performance and professionalism of the studio staff. Overall, we are very happy with the result, thank you. 

General Director of LLC "Topshouse"
A.Y. Pozdnyakov

I express my gratitude to "ArtisMedia" for the development of the website

I note the "ArtisMedia" team as professionals who love their work and are well versed in it. It was easy enough to find a common language with each other, we discussed all our ideas in detail and answered questions in an accessible way.

I would like to note the promptness of feedback from developers: they responded quickly to all our requests and always gave a full, detailed answer.

My wish to "ArtisMedia" is not to forget to delete old data when you make a portal according to a template.

I am satisfied with the work and the project created by the ArtisMedia team. The cooperation was fruitful.

Founder of the ITportal project — a catalog of IT services and companies
Suchilin S.M.

By this letter, we express our great gratitude to the team of "ArtisMedia" for their professionalism and high-quality work on the development of the site

When choosing website developers, we took into account many years of experience and a rich portfolio of Internet projects implemented in various industries. Showing high professionalism and creativity, despite the complexity of the tasks, the specialists of the company "ArtisMedia" coped with them extremely quickly and efficiently, simultaneously making competent and valuable additions to both the design of the site and its functional part.

We will be glad to cooperate with you in the future, and we can also safely recommend it to all our partners.

Founder of the newspaper "We invite you to work" and the website
S.G. Alferovich

We thank "ArtisMedia" for the quality work! We are very happy with the result (website, and we are glad that we chose this company.

The whole process of website development turned out to be not as scary as we initially saw. Thanks to the technical department of the company, especially Alexander Dakuko, for teaching and explaining in detail how to deal with the administrative part of the site. I would like the learning process to take place in our office, so it would be more comfortable for us as a Client. We hope that in the future you will do so.

Thank you for the prompt resolution of all issues, it is very valuable for us. We really liked that you quickly responded to the request for the development of the site and sent us a good commercial offer, which satisfied us both in terms of budget and terms of work. We have already recommended "ArtisMedia" to our partners. The overall rating of the work is 9 points out of 10, so that there is a place to grow!

Director of "Lex Forum"
Martynov Ivan Sergeevich

When there was a question about choosing a developer company for our site, naturally, as an example, we decided to evaluate projects created by various web studios. We focused on the presentation of websites, their content, the convenience of links, pages and information search. The projects of the "Artismedia studio" seemed attractive to us both externally and in terms of content. On our call, we were politely and easily provided with comprehensive information on working conditions, which determined our choice in favor of the "Artismedia Studio".

What you ordered: Website development, promotion.

We have developed a website in exact accordance with our ideas and ideas, but it was not without some difficulties. Due to the different number of products and descriptions for them, it was necessary to come up with a convenient and understandable way to place information, which was eventually implemented.  

The catalog contains a large number of schemes for detailed descriptions of goods that had to be entered into tables with a complex structure. And since they were very important to us, the staff of the web studio resolved this issue and provided all the necessary information as soon as possible. 

Later we ordered a website promotion in order to attract new customers. At the moment we are constantly working to improve the content of our website /.

I would like to wish the "Artismedia web studio" further successful work, an increase in the army of regular customers, growth and prosperity of the business

Director of LLC "Belpromsystem-M"
Saskevich P.A.

"ArtisMedia" has established itself as a reliable partner and creative performer, so we chose this company to create the official website of "Kalina-Bel" LLC.

The development team immediately realized what we wanted in the end, and began to implement it. The site turned out exactly as we imagined it. Of course, "ArtisMedia" made their own adjustments, convincing us of some details that really benefited the site in terms of its functionality.

I would like, of course, to note the promptness of the responses of manager Yulia Baranovskaya.

"ArtisMedia" for us is efficiency, accuracy and understanding, which rarely happens in this area, we recommend this company to everyone who is going to create their own website. 

Managing individual entrepreneur of LLC "Kalina-Bel"
A.M. Tsvirko

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

The management of the "Aleksstroy" company expresses gratitude to the "ArtisMedia studio" for the professional approach in the development of the website of our organization. The site turned out to be informative, beautifully designed and, most importantly, accessible to customers. We were very pleased with the fact that you provided a full cycle of website development: from its design to testing.

On behalf of the staff of our organization, I would like to wish you prosperity, the implementation of interesting projects and ideas, as well as more friendly customers. May your work bring joy to both your team and your customers! Creative success to you!

Director of LLC "Aleksstroy"

The management of JSC "Baranovichi Dairy Plant" expresses gratitude to the company "ArtisMedia" for the creation of the website . The website has become the business card of our company on the Internet.

We believe that we made the right choice by using your services, and we hope for long-term cooperation. We wish you success, creativity, prosperity and interesting projects.

Working with professionals is easy!

Deputy.Commercial Director of JSC "Baranovichi Dairy Plant"
Kozlovsky I.B.

The company LLC "Belmarshrut-TV" expresses its gratitude to "Artismedia" for the work done on the development of the site

The company's employees very clearly defined the concept of the site, caught the important points in it and implemented everything in the best possible way. I would like to express special thanks to the specialist Yulia Baranovskaya, who brought to life all the most original ideas.

"Studio Artismedia" is a company with which it is a pleasure to cooperate, because you are always sure of the result!

Director of LLC "Belmarshrut-TV"
E.M. Turovets

The company JSC "BELAZ-SERVICE" expresses its gratitude to the staff of the web design studio "Artismedia" for the development, design and creation of an information site /.

Having reviewed the Portfolio of the studio "Artismedia", we they believed in the professionalism and good work of its employees. Each presented corporate identity of the sites in the portfolio turned out to be easy to understand, not overloaded with unnecessary elements, which we really liked.

The difficulty of working on our project was that we provide services in various directions, ranging from the sale of spare parts of quarry equipment to cargo transportation. The studio team was able to offer a convenient and easy-to-understand way to place the entire range of services on the main page.

Having chosen your company, we understand that we have made the right decision. And we would like to thank you for your active creative cooperation and creative approach to business. The positive experience of our joint work has confirmed the reliability and high qualification of your company's employees.

We wish you the same interesting projects and developments, prosperity and longevity of your company.

V.A. Demidovich

BOO "World without Borders" thanks the staff of the web studio "Artimedia" for successful cooperation and fruitful work on our new .

All our requirements and wishes were taken into account during the development process. The site management system turned out to be simple, it is not difficult to edit and add information.

In the end, our site turned out to be user-friendly, comfortable for perception, easy. The website fully corresponds to the direction of our organization's activities.

Chairman of the BOO "World without Borders"
T.I. Poevskaya

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