Application processing system


The POP product is a single electronic service for receiving and processing applications to ensure effective interaction between applicants and agents. Provides an opportunity for applicants to make a request for services online and track their implementation, including from a mobile phone.

There are 4 types of users:

Has the right to create any system users, assign them a type, configure user details, change the type of system user. The administrator has the rights of a supervisor. The administrator can edit the system parameters.

Having the rights of an agent, he can see all applications, as well as change their details, which will further determine the visibility of the application for agents and clients. The supervisor can edit the system directories.

Can view a limited number of applications, respond to them and update their status.

A user with a minimum set of rights who can only see applications that he is the author of. The users who submitted the application work under the rights of clients. The administrator can change the role by converting the client into an agent.

The system has a convenient interface for submitting an application, which allows you to issue an electronic application to a user with any level of PC knowledge.

The open application is displayed in the designated agent's Personal Account. In the personal account of Supervisors and Administrators, all applications of the system are displayed, so they can control the processing of applications and promptly take the necessary measures in case of problems..  

Product Efficiency

The product allows you to effectively control the application from the moment of opening to successful completion, thanks to a flexible system for transferring applications from agent to agent, the ability to create groups of agents, appoint Supervisors to track progress and extensive administration capabilities.

Languages, technologies and systems

PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Linux.

View the product in progress

On the basis of the product, an application processing system has been created for the State Institution "Administration of the Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park "Great Stone". The product provides an opportunity for residents and investors to make a request for procedures and services online.The Administration of the State Institution "Administration of the Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park "Great Stone" was able to track the fulfillment of all applications online. - 

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