Comparison of the monthly cost for 50 users

The Bitrix24 platform is 21 times cheaper than a set of disparate tools.

Bitrix24 Services
Salesforce - CRM system 1 250 USD
Chats and calls
Slack - corporate chats 12,50 USD
Tasks and projects
Trello - task management 250 USD
Dropbox - file storage 625 USD
Websites and landing pages
Tilda - website and landing page builder (5 sites) 20 USD
99 USD* 2 158 USD*
*The price is calculated for 1 month for 50 users

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Basic Bitrix24 Tools

Bitrix24 is a unified information environment of the organization. Provides high-quality information interaction of employees. The portal includes the organization's news feed, tasks and projects, calendars, meetings and meetings, chats and calls, a single document repository.

 Cloud Box
Corporate portal Communicate in chats and via video conferencing. Create ads in the news feed. Store and edit documents together with colleagues.
CRM system Structure customer information. Automate sales with robots. Issue invoices without logging into 1C. Manage sales funnels.
Tasks and projects Work in groups remotely. Track working hours. Use reminders and task templates. Analyze automatic reports.
CRM analytics Track your sales statistics. Create your own reports. Monitor the payback of advertising
Sites and landing pages Create free websites, landing pages, online stores integrated with CRM and marketing tools
Repeat Sales Generator Launch mailing lists by email, in messengers, SMS. Create remarketing campaigns in social networks. networks directly from CRM

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