Automation of the shooting club


The ASK product is an online registration system for introductory classes, initial training courses, competitions, gun shooting, taking into account the employment of galleries, the availability of instructors and the availability of weapons as front-end, as well as an administration system with reports and notifications on incoming orders as back-end.

Product Features


- online registration system for classes;
- choice of weapon type;
- selection of targets;
- recording for different types of shooting, including bench shooting;
- convenient choice of weapons;
- all types of weapons have photos and descriptions;
- adding an unlimited number of items in the catalog;
- automatic calculation of the number of ammunition to order;
- adding a personal instructor;
- applying a discount coupon;
- automatic calculation of the duration of the lesson depending on the number of selected weapons and ammunition;
- automatic calculation of the cost depending on the number of shots, weapons and the coupon applied;
- selection of the date and time of the lesson;
- online check of available time for classes; 
- the ability to add friends when placing an order;
- connection to the payment gateway and payment tracking; 
- registration for competitions with online payment;
- authorization by phone number.


- generation of reports on generated orders for the administrator;
- automatic formation of contracts based on order data;
- reservation or blocking of time intervals;
- formation of gift certificates online;
- editing of the work schedule;
- booking corporate shooting; 
- entering an order by phone number;   
- editing available weapons and consumables;
- creation of competitions with an indication of the cost;
- adding shooting galleries indicating their availability.

Scope of application

Automation of the daily processes of the shooting club, as a result of which the club can free up the time of at least one employee and put the entire field of activity in order.

Programming languages

PHP, JavaScript, MySQL.

Technologies and systems

Linux, Bitrix Framework.

Interface Description

Implemented a step-by-step interface for recording introductory classes in practical shooting.

At the first step, the system allows you to select weapons and the number of shots. Each pistol, shotgun or carbine is photographed together with ammunition and has a detailed description, which greatly facilitates the choice for beginners. The administrator can add new categories, including weapons, additional services, targets, etc.

The system automatically calculates the class time based on the user's choice. For example, when selecting multiple weapons or more ammunition, the time increases automatically. It is possible to apply a discount coupon. 

At the second step, the date and time of the lesson are selected. If a certain weapon is unavailable during the selected period of time, the user is notified and given the opportunity to remove this weapon. The system takes into account the availability of galleries, instructors and weapons, booking them for a selected time.

The third stage is intended for entering contact data. At this stage, the age of the customer is checked. There is an opportunity to invite 4 more friends to the introductory lesson.

At the fourth stage, all the information previously entered by the user for verification is displayed, in particular the selected weapons and ammunition, place and time, contact details. Next, the user is invited to read and accept the terms of service and choose the preferred form of payment for the order. When you click on the button and send the data, an order is formed with notifications sent to the user and the administrator by e-mail and messengers.

A personal account is created for the user, in which all his orders are stored, in which he can make a payment and check the status of the order.

According to the same principle, the recording for the shooting of weapons works. Initial training courses and competitions work according to a different algorithm.

At each stage of the order formation, you can go back to the previous step, while the form data is saved.  

Description back-end

Order modeling system with the ability to view and print detailed reports using a filter. It is possible to add orders by the moderator manually by calling, changing the order status, as well as automatically forming a contract for the provision of services with the customer's details.

View the product in progress

The ASK product is connected to the Bryansk Shooting Club website. "Shooting Club Bryansk– is the only shooting club in the Bryansk region and one of the largest in Russia, which is part of the suburban complex "Eliseevy Fields". Club visitors can shoot from different types of weapons at 12 shooting ranges, one of which is a skit-trap (Olympic disciplines), and 17 practice shooting ranges. -

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