Warranty conditions of ArtisMedia FZE

from 18.10.2017

1. Warranty service of the website and/or portal is carried out only during the Warranty period.

2. The warranty period is calculated from the date of signing the last Act of work performed under the contract and is 12 months, unless otherwise specified in the contract.

3. During the established Warranty period, only errors that occurred during the creation of the website and/or installation of the portal and do not correspond to the Terms of Reference are eliminated FREE of CHARGE. To eliminate such errors, all necessary accesses to the site and/ or portal are provided.

4. In case of a Warranty Claim, legal entities can use the online support service by filling out and submitting the application form.

5. The warranty does not apply to:

5.1. errors caused by overload, freezing or other malfunction of the server on which the site and/ or portal is located;

5.2. errors caused by untimely or incorrect software updates on the server on which the site and/or portal is located;

5.3. errors caused by viruses damaging the site and/or portal;

5.4. malfunctions in modules, themes and other third-party products;

5.5. malfunctions caused by non-compliance with the instructions contained in the training courses from 1C-Bitrix, which are publicly available on the website of the 1C-Bitrix Academy;

5.6. errors caused by untimely or incorrect updating of 1C-Bitrix software;

5.7. errors that cannot be reproduced or fixed in an appropriate way;

5.8. the website and/or portal, which was maintained during the Warranty period by persons not certified by 1C-Bitrix;

5.9. errors caused by changing the configuration of the server on which the site or portal is located.

6. Regular maintenance and support is recommended for the website and/or portal, this ensures its flawless operation during the entire service life.

7. In case of unjustified request for error diagnosis under warranty, ArtisMedia LLC may issue an invoice for this diagnosis.

8. In case of handling an error that will later be recognized as non-guaranteed, ArtisMedia LLC reserves the right to reimburse the costs of its elimination.

Director                                                                    Kurilo K.S.

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