Bitrix24 support

Bitrix24 – a digital platform created to automate and simplify the work of employees, reduce communication time and organize work with clients in CRM.

Correct and thoughtful system setup to eliminate clutter and chaos in your Bitrix24. 

Employees are often intimidated by the volume and complexity of the setup due to a lack of skills and knowledge in the field of a new product. The solution to this problem - is technical support and configuration of the product by certified ArtisMedia specialists.

Technical support may include the initial configuration, revision portal for Customer processes, support and training employees of the organization.

Support Packages

Start 24 Smart 24 Premium 24
Cost per quarter, USD.
1 800 3 600 7 200
Support hours limit per quarter*
30 60 120
Cost per year, USD.
7 200
14 400
28 800
Limit of support hours per year*
120 240 480
* Technical support packages are paid for a quarter (except for the Start package) or for a year
* Acts are closed monthly
A one-time appeal to support is NOT PROVIDED.

The time spent on the work is multiplied by 2 in the following cases: 
  • when performing work on the day of application (urgent work); 
  • when performing work outside of working hours.

Order a package

Norms of time

effective from April 1, 2020

Types of work

Time Units of measurement
Initial settings

Portal registration (commercial tariff) 20 minutes
Setting the main parameters of the portal
10 minutes
Inviting 5 employees to the portal
5 minutes
Creating an organizational structure on the portal
60 minutes
Setting up menu items for 5 employees 5 minutes
Training of employees to work with the main tools of the portal (Live feed, Tasks, Disk, Calendar)
60 minutes
Organization of work

Developing a task template
20 minutes
Setting up a Task report
20 minutes
Training of 5 employees to work with tasks, groups and projects
60 minutes

Connecting the company's mailbox
60 minutes
Connecting employees' personal mailboxes
60 minutes
Configuring the Email Template
20 minutes
Sales organization: basic level (Per 1 funnel)

Setting up fields in 4 cards (Lead, Transaction, Contact, Company)
60 minutes
Setting up stages of transaction processing and leads
10 minutes
Uploading the database to Bitrix24 (up to 10 thousand contacts)
20 minutes
Configuring access rights for a role in CRM
15 minutes
Training of 5 employees in basic CRM functionality
60 minutes
Sales organization: Advanced level (Per 1 funnel)

Setting up a widget for a website with an open line (1 open line)
120 minutes
Setting up a CRM form for accepting applications
30 minutes
Setting up a document template with automatic data substitution from the client card
120 minutes
Setting up an automatic Sales report
20 minutes
Configuring CRM operation
15 minutes
Marketing tools

Connecting an advertising source to end-to-end analytics
120 minutes
Setting up an autosegmentation rule
20 minutes
Setting up Email distribution (based on the provided advertising materials)
60 minutes
Setting up mailing lists in messengers (based on the provided advertising materials)
120 minutes
Setting up an audience for a marketing company
180 minutes
Installing the Bitrix24 widget on the landing page
20 minutes
Training 2 employees to work with marketing tools (CRM marketing, landing pages, payback analysis of advertising sources)
60 minutes
Portal Development Settings

Pre-project interview with a business analyst
60 minutes
Configuring the business process on the portal 
180 minutes
Integration with the online store on 1C-Bitrix
180 minutes
Connecting telephony
180 minutes
Configuring integration with 1C and CRM
180 minutes
Development of up to 4 landing screens in the Bitrix24 designer 
480 minutes
Adding one screen to the Bitrix24 landing page
120 minutes
Consultation with a specialist
60 minutes

Book a discount

Use the calculator and book a discount on your project. After submitting the form, our manager will contact you to apply the discount. The discount will be valid for three days, starting from the date of booking.

The discount amount changes every week and depends on the production load.
The discount applies only to the development of a new website.