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Site optimization is understood as the process of changing the structure of the site based on the analysis of the query core. Website optimization is one of the most important stages in the search engine promotion of websites.

Site optimization:

  1. Makes the site structure more user-friendly. Optimization is done based on the search queries entered by these users, i.e., in fact, the site begins to "speak" with the user in the same language.
  2. Corrects the language of the site, "sharpens" it to use search queries to designate the corresponding professional terms.
  3. It usually includes adding missing pages or sections to the site to cover the entire topic of the query core.
  4. It involves conducting a technical audit that identifies problems with the loading speed of the site, the settings of the web server software, the domain names used, links on the pages of the site. In fact, technical audit solves the problem of fast and correct page display. This, in turn, ensures that search engines have no problems getting information from the site and adding it to their databases for subsequent output in search results.
  5. Accompanied by a change in the HTML code of the site. Usually does not lead to visual changes in the displayed information, but increases the likelihood of information from the site appearing in search results.

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