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A search engine (English search engine, synonyms: search server, search engine) is a special website where a user can get links to sites corresponding to this query for a given query.

As a rule, the work of a search engine consists of two stages. A search robot (spider, crawler) constantly crawls the web and collects information from web pages (indexes them). When a user sets a query, the search goes through a pre-built index. The search result is a so-called search output - a list of links to documents (web pages) corresponding to the query.

A search engine robot is a component or program that visits web pages, reads (indexes) all or part of their contents and then follows the links found on this page. The robot returns after certain periods of time and indexes the page again. All information is entered by the robot in the search engine indexes.

There are hundreds and thousands of search engines on the Internet, but from the point of view of importance for us, we note the following main and most authoritative ones.

Yandex ( ) is the largest Russian portal, Yandex's daily audience is 4,000,000 people, which is about 65% of the daily audience of the entire Russian Internet, monthly - about twenty-four million.

Google ( ) - attendance is unknown (presumably about 500,000 people per day). This is the largest search engine in the world, which searches very well in Russian-language documents and is important for the reason that the following search engine mentioned below uses its engine.

There are no search engines on the Belarusian Internet. But there are portals and directories sites, searches through search engines Yandex or Google. The most popular of them are:

TUT.BY is the most visited Belarusian portal existing since October 5, 2000. The number of visits of unique visitors to the title page is more than 70,000 per day; — an Internet portal, meta-search of which is implemented on the basis of data Яндекс.XML and

In general, search engines and directories are the most visited sites on the Internet. Two main facts are important: Almost every user visits the search engine at least once a day. From 5 to 90% of visitors come to the site through search engines.

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