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This is the presence of the site (links to the site) in the search results.

Usually only 30% of search engine users look beyond the 1st page of search results. And only 13% of users go further than the 3rd search page in their study of the results.

Visibility implies finding a site page on the first 10 pages of search results or in the first 100 links.

The site visibility report presents a table that specifies:
- keyword;
- the number of requests for this keyword per month;
- positions in search results;
- found documents from the site for each of the search engines.

To create such a report on the 4 main search engines ( ,, and and, for example, 10 keywords need to be viewed 5 * 10 * 10 pages (500), which is possible only through the use of specialized software. Usually this report is made on the query core.

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Book a discount

Use the calculator and book a discount on your project. After submitting the form, our manager will contact you to apply the discount. The discount will be valid for three days, starting from the date of booking.

The discount amount changes every week and depends on the production load.
The discount applies only to the development of a new website.